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BMS Environmental are a specialist supplier and installer of a range of high-quality solar energy products, including solar panels, inverters and battery storage solutions. 

We specialise in high-end products, rather than the cheaper, and therefore inferior, alternatives which tend to dominate the market. 

Our superior products provide improved reliability, a trouble-free installation process and improved energy yield. 

Although we specialise in high-quality solutions, initial costs are only marginally more expensive than the inferior products on the market. 

When full life-cycle costs are considered, our products demonstrate better value due to improved energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and increased life expectancy. 

The United Kingdon has long lagged behind Europe in the uptake of solar energy but with improved product reliability, reduced costs and the drive to a greener society now is the time to consider this sustainable solution. 

BMS Environmental is an authorised supplier of the SolarWatt product range.


We offer a full design, supply, installation and maintenance service for a range of solar equipment for every solution, from residential developments through to large scale commercial installations.




Founded in 1993 as the vision of two solar pioneers, SolarWatt is today the leading German manufacturer of photovoltaic systems, the European market leader in glass-glass modules and one of the largest home battery providers worldwide.

The headquarters are based in Dresden, Germany but SolarWatt have branched out and now have offices in Australia, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.


BMS Environmental are proud to be authorised stockists of SOLARWATT’s innovative products and can provide exceptional quality, expert consultation and comprehensive service! SOLARWATT panels offer the longest warranties available on the market and come with free, 5-year insurance from AON.

SOLARWATT’s glass-glass modules are long-lasting and extremely robust against environmental influences.


They are lightweight, like conventional glass-foil modules and are simple to install.

BMS Environmental - Solar - SolarWatt


BMS Environmental - Solar - Panels



Solar or photovoltaic panels (also called modules) are the heart of every photovoltaic system. The modules contain parallel or series-connected solar cells that generate renewable energy from solar energy. 

The output of the PV system created by interconnecting the modules depends on many factors such as the number of panels, module type and output, roof pitch and solar radiation. 

Visit our solar panel section to find out more or contact one of our team for a quotation




A battery is an ideal complement to any photovoltaic (PV) system. It stores the electricity your roof produces during the day for when you need it most: in the evening.

You can save up to 80 % off your electricity costs, thanks to its modular design, it can be matched to meet your needs.  


We supply all of the essential components of your solar system: PV modules, energy managers, and battery storage.

These building blocks complement each other perfectly and using them together increases their system efficiency.


Visit our solar battery section to find out more or contact one of our team for a quotation

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The Energy Manager Portal provides you with a clear overview of all energy flows within your home. 

The modern interface is intuitive to use. You see the generation data of the photovoltaic system, the charge level of the battery storage and the consumption of each connected device in real-time. 

Furthermore, you receive forecasts for production and consumption as well as a weather and yield forecast based on the past days.

Visit our Energy Manager section to find out more or contact one of our team for a quotation



BMS Environmental is part of the BMS group of companies, specialising in the provision of sustainable technologies.  We have a wealth of experience and a huge focus on customer satisfaction. 

We offer excellent, customer-focussed product selection, installation and service advice. 

We carry a wide range of stock at our logistics centre, allowing us to offer a next, or in some instances same-day delivery service on many products.


We take care of everything. From your initial call, we manage everything from product selection, survey, installation, through to 'go-live'.

Give us a call today for a competitive quote and experience our excellent customer service. 

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BMS Environmental


  • Most solar panel installations should last between 20 to 25 years or longer with the right maintenance.

  • The initial cost can normally be off set within the first 12-18 years. There are many factors to consider when looking at the payback period for solar panels.

  • In 2017, solar accounted for 3.4% of Britain's total electricity generation, up from 3.1% in 2016. Solar power is the third most generated renewable energy in the UK, after wind power and biomass. Worldwide, the UK is surprisingly the sixth largest producer of solar power after China, Japan, Germany, the US and Italy.

  • In just 10 seconds, the sun provides over 10,000 times the amount of energy required to provide the world’s total combined energy use.

  • The Energy Saving Trust estimates the average UK home with a solar PV system installed could reduce carbon emissions by 1.2 to 1.7 tonnes per year.




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