Safe, reliable and cost-effective solar energy storage

Adding battery storage to a solar system is an excellent method of maximising yield if the building is not able to utilise all of the electrical energy generated by the modules. 

With reducing feed-in tariffs, solar equipped buildings should be optimised to utilise as much of the energy generated as possible. By combining a solar installation with a battery storage solution, this is easily achieved. 

Any excess energy generated during the day is stored in the battery solution, and then the battery is drained during hours of darkness, therefore minimising grid consumption. 

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More Independence, Lower Electricity Costs.

A home battery system stores surplus solar power for later use. The solar battery extends the use of a PV system's generated energy and will provide free, sustainable power even when the sun is not shining and the panels are not producing energy. 


Therefore, with a solar battery, little or no electricity is fed into the grid while also avoiding having to buy expensive electricity from the grid later. Due to increased self-consumption, electricity costs decrease significantly. You will pay less per kWh used. 

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Solar Battery System 

Unlimited Opportunites for higher self-consumption

SOLARWATT presents the first fully modular power storage device in the world: the MyReserve. Thanks to its expandable design it is virtually unlimited in terms of capacity and performance. The range of suitable applications now spans from a single-family home, all the way up to industrial premises. 


The system is built as a matrix consisting of just two components: the MyReserve Pack battery module and the MyReserve Command, which contains all of the power electronics. The more storage capacity or performance required, the more MyReserve Packs and Commands can be combined to meet that need. 

BMS Environmental - Solar Battery

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Latest generation in battery storage

New realms of application thanks to the modular design


The MyReserve storage system is entirely modular in design and can, therefore, be expanded almost limitlessly. Need more power or capacity? Simply add another My Reserve Pack of Command.


Expansion is possilbe in 2.4 kWh increments thanks to the modular design, 

Makes your PV system more cost-effective


Customising the exact capacity of our storage system to suit your needs will make it more profitable for you. In the future, it will be possible to couple further green sources in the form of network services to your solar storage batteries. 

Test safety


SOLARWAYY MyReserve fulfils the safety guidelines for lithium-ion battery storage systems completely.


The battery storage system is also protected from digital intrusion and meets the highest safety standards for transport, operation and occupational safety. 

Environmentally friendly solar battery system

The fully modular design of the solar battery makes it easy to service and perform maintenance.


The entire system can also be broken down into its base components when it has reached the end of service and the majority of parts can be reused,.  



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