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BMS Environmental is proud to offer a full turn-key ChargePoint, EV charging solution

Green electricity is set to become the worlds most important energy source for transporting people, goods and services around the world.

The switch to Electric Vehicles has gained momentum, with UK sales expected to triple by 2021 as government, business and society look towards a carbon-neutral future.   

We offer a design, supply, install and commission service for workplace and community charging solutions.


Contact us and we will do the rest. 



We are proud to be partnered with ChargePoint who operate the world’s largest electric vehicle charging network, bringing EV charging to more people and places than ever before.

ChargePoint is so passionate about creating the new fuelling network, that they’re committed to installing 2.5 million charging spots by 2025.

ChargePoint design, build and support all the technology that powers this network, from charging station hardware to energy management software, to a convenient mobile app for drivers.

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We have teamed up with ChargePoint to offer you a complete solution.


From the point at which you contact one of our expert team BMS Environmental, we will provide you with award-winning customer service.


We offer a full support service for: 


  • Drivers 

  • Station owners

  • Charging Equipment  

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Electric Vehicle adoption is continuing to increase.


Now is the time to plan for the future and make your workplace EV ready.

Working in conjunction with ChargePoint, we are able to offer a suitable cloud plan for your business or community. 

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Sales of EV's are expected to triple by 2021 according to recent studies. Drivers will want to charge where they work and live. 

By teaming up with ChargePoint, we are working with the best-in-class in terms of product, network and ease of use.

By choosing BMS Environmental to design, project-manage, install and commission your EV charging system, you will have complete peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.

Click below to read about the services offered by the Charge Point solution for both employees and employers.  

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BMS Environmental is part of the BMS group of companies, specialising in the provision of sustainable technologies.  We have a wealth of experience and a huge focus on customer satisfaction. 

We offer excellent, customer-focussed product selection, installation and service advice. 

We carry a wide range of stock at our logistics centre, allowing us to offer a next, or in some instances same-day delivery service on many products.


We take care of everything. From your initial call, we manage everything from product selection, survey, installation, through to 'go-live'.

Give us a call today for a competitive quote and experience our excellent customer service. 



A BMS Environmental solution will help you: 

Use grants and initiatives EV charging infrastructure to minimise your investment costs.

Centrally manage and EV charging solution that meets the needs of your employees 

Establish your brand as a green leader and pioneer of the electric movement 

Align business goals with sustainability targets set by Government and local authorities 

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions & produce cleaner air

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