The Ilimex unit is an air sterilising unit that kills viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens instantly and consistently. It involves the UV of lamps, HEPA filters, Activated Carbon and Titanium dioxide photocatalytic filters. Independent testing has shown that the UVC kill chamber alone kills 99.9999%.


The Ilimex 400 is perfectly suited to larger office spaces or classrooms in schools or lecture theatres in universities. For bigger areas, several units can be installed.The unit can be instantly installed using its lighting track adaptor or surface connector.


The installation of Ilimex Air Sterilisers could not be easier. All models just simply plug in ready for use. Each unit comes IoT enabled and can be monitored and controlled remotely via the Ilimex App. 


Customers can create their own account and each unit can be controlled

remotely. In addition, each unit monitors several metrics and will alert you to any faults or if the machine needs any maintenance. 


The Ilimex air units can be wall or ceiling mounted or free standing with an adaptor base plate (which can be purchased seperately) and just needs to be connected to a wall socket.

Ilimex 400

  • All units can be bespoke wrapped in any colour/design/logo on request at an extra cost.