Safe, reliable and cost-effective fuel management solutions

BMS Environmental are proud to offer solutions that ensure smooth running and protection of your fuel estate.

Our services range from storage solutions to cleaning existing fuel tanks, fuel testing and polishing, fuel swaps with top rebates paid.


We can also arrange the collection and safe disposal of waste oil and hazardous materials. 

Some customers require the peace of mind that they can quickly get their fuel onsite to keep their business running.

BMS Environmental offer priority service, guaranteeing fuel deliveries to anywhere in the UK within 8 hours. 


Sustainable alternatives

The BMS Environmental team are committed to supporting our clients with all of their fuel oil needs. 

However, should you wish to explore green energy solutions, we have a range of products and the expertise to help you on the journey.


From solar panels to heat pumps, our team and sister companies have the right solution for your business.  

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We offer a full range of fuel oil services, giving you complete peace-of-mind that all health & safety requirements are taken care of by our professional team.


Contact us today for a competitive quotation from one of our friendly sales team.


Quality, safety, cost-effective 

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Our fuel oil services include:


Fuel testing

Fuel polishing 

Waste oil uplifts 

Tank cleaning 

Tank decommissioning 

Tank replacement 

Priority fuel contracts  

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Depend on BMS Environmental for cost-effective fuel oil management 



Leaders in sustainable technology.

BMS Environmental are able to provide fuel testing and analysis from UKAS Accredited laboratories. 

Bio-fuels in particular are prone to contamination, which can damage plant machinery, back-up generators and when these go wrong, they’re expensive to replace.

Keeping a close eye on the quality of the fuel stocks through consistent sampling, testing and analysis should form part of a thorough preventative maintenance programme. 

BMS Environmental - Fuel Testing
BMS Environmental - Fuel Polishing


Fuel polishing is the process of removing contaminants from fuel using advanced levels of filtration. 


It’s essential in preserving the continuity, performance, and lifespan of your generators and fuel supply. 


Fuel polishing involves passing fuel through filters to remove increasingly finer contaminants. As a single filtration process isn’t enough to properly clean a fuel that has been in a rusting tank with insufficient to properly extract different types of contaminants such as water and particulate matter, various filter technologies are used to deliver a thorough and precision process.




Because of the versatility of Red Diesel, there is often a regular requirement from many of our customers to remove, swap or transfer fuel from one site to another.

Depending on the quality of the fuel, there is a charge for the service or if the fuel is of a higher standard, we can offer a rebate against the fuel.

Fuel needs removing from a site for a number of reasons.

  1. Fuel is no longer required because alternative fuel source has been acquired 

  2. Fuel is badly contaminated and cannot be cleaned onsite

  3. Fuel is no longer high enough quality for the required use

  4. The tank requires cleaning or maintaining   

BMS Environmental - Fuel Uplifts
BMS Environmental - Tank Decommissioning


BMS Environmental are experts in the cleaning, decommissioning and removal of oil and chemical tanks to ensure redundant tanks are decommissioned safely to prevent harm to people and the environment.

Our chemical and oil tank decommissioning projects are coordinated with our clients and managed by experienced Project Managers to make sure the project is completed safely, in the most cost-effective manner and in compliance with legislative requirements and industry best practice.




All fuel tanks are susceptible to contamination: 

  • Water 

  • Oxygen 

  • Sludge

  • Microbes (Diesel Bug)


With biofuels being used more often,  we have seen countless instances where a client’s heating system, back-up generator or boiler has failed because of fuel being used from a contaminated tank, clogging up filters or doing much more severe and costly damage. 

The first step would be to test the fuel in the tank, by taking top, middle and bottom samples.


Depending on the result would depend on the recommended course of action required.

BMS Environmental - Tank Cleaning
BMS Environmental - Tank Installation



We specialise in oil tank installations all over the UK. We have a dedicated support team who can assist you from the point of assessing if you need to replace your tank through to the type of tank replacement, the material how and where to install the tank itself.


At BMS Environmental we can install a wide range of both metal and plastic bunded tanks for all sorts of uses, heating, dispensing and storage.


Government information tells us more than half the tanks in the UK are single skinned, leaving them prone to rust, cracking through sun bleaching and causing costing environmental damage. Tanks are often inappropriately placed and could be a dangerous fire hazard.



We do things simply, safely and quickly. 

We know that disposing of your waste oil isn’t something you want to be worrying about. You just want it done, and done in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. 

That’s where we come in, our expert professionals offer a service you can trust and rely on when it comes to the disposal of your waste oil.


We’re passionate about the environment, that’s why we want to help you dispose of these products in the safest most cost-effective way.

We have access to a nationwide fleet of vehicles and our friendly, knowledgeable and approachable service means we are just a phone call away. 

BMS Environmental - Waste Oil Management
BMS Environmental - Priority Fuel Contracts



If your business relies on regular fuel deliveries that can be completed within a few hours, then we have a service that will meet your need.

We have the ability to give our customers the option of taking advantage of our priority fuel contract service.

This will give you the peace of mind that should an emergency occur, such as unplanned downtime
then a Priority Fuel Contract will help take away this headache.

Customers who take advantage of our priority fuel contracts are mainly from the NHS, construction and hauling equipment industry, though it is open to anyone who needs fuel at short notice.

The premise is that you sign a Priority Fuel Contract for an agreed length of time and at an agreed cost (usually based on frequency of use, location, location number) then you effectively jump to the front of the queue and get your fuel delivered within a matter of hours.





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