All operators of private photovoltaic systems are familiar with the situation: The solar power produced during the day is fed unused into the public mains and expensive power must be purchased from the power supply company in the evening because there is no solar power available. 

Energy management systems like the SOLARWATT EnergyManageroffer solutions for this problem. It monitors, controls and regulates energy flows in a property.


The EnergyManager ensures that a maximum amount of solar power is consumed within a property in order to reduce the amount of mains power that must be purchased, thereby reducing energy costs. 

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The SOLARWATT EnergyManager:

  • Controls and optimises internal consumption and intelligently save on costs. 

  • Provides information on the systems in the building simply via a user-friendly app. 

  • Major advantage: it works in perfect harmony with a wide range of systems, thanks to a wide range of interfaces.


Store solar power as hot water

If you are looking for further ways to store and use your solar power besides home battery systems, storing your solar surplus as hot water can be a great option. This saves heating costs and additionally reduces CO2 emissions for oil or gas systems. 


We are able to provide immersion heaters which can be controlled by the EnergyManager, either time-controlled or solar-optimised. 

Charging electric vehicles


Charging electric vehicles with self-generated solar power not only makes ecological but also economical sense.


Combining charging with solar energy makes mobility much cheaper than when operating with fossil fuels of grid power. 


EnergyManager optimises the charging process, ensuring that surplus solar energy is used, rather than feeding energy to the grid.   




Intelligent energy-control of your building

SOLARWATT EnergyManger monitors, controls and regulates all energy flow within a building.


The energy management system offers possibilities for a wide range of applications.


In addition, the EnergyManager is the ideal partner for MyReserve. You can see the MyReserve battery's state of charge any time.


The EnergyManager enables you to optimise self-consumption of your solar power.

Contact our team to see how EnergyManger can benefit you.

Reduce heating and cooling costs

Surplus solar power can be used to operate a heat pump.

Heat pumps work according to the principle of a refrigerator, extracting heat energy from the environment to add it to a heating system. 

A heat pump is a very efficient means of heating and cooling.


In the summer months, the process can be reversed which allows the system to be used to provide cost-effective cooling.


If the heat pump is connected to the EnergyManager, it will grant the system priority for the use of surplus solar energy. 


As a result, less grid power is consumed and heating/cooling costs are reduced.  If a heat pump replaces oil or gas heating systems, it additionally saves CO2 emissions.

We supply high-quality heat pumps through our sister company.



BMS Environmental is part of the BMS group of companies, specialising in the provision of sustainable technologies.  We have a wealth of experience and a huge focus on customer satisfaction. 

We offer excellent, customer-focussed product selection, installation and service advice. 

We carry a wide range of stock at our logistics centre, allowing us to offer a next, or in some instances same-day delivery service on many products.


We take care of everything. From your initial call, we manage everything from product selection, survey, installation, through to 'go-live'.

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